M&G Offers Innovative Employee Benefits for Businesses in the NW

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Companies in Oregon and Washington looking for employee benefit experts can look to Montgomery & Graham, Inc. to assist them with offering their employees quality insurance options without ignoring their bottom line.

Large and small firms can offer innovative options that included company wellness programs, health savings accounts, and self funding health care. These plans can be set up similar to the fully funded health care programs, the advantage is that the company has control and can customize the services that are offered. Costs savings are realized since self funding removes the middleman between necessary health care coverage for the company’s workforce. Also since the company is not required to pre-pay for their coverage, this improves cash flow.

In addition, protection is provided from stop loss insurance that the company purchases when self funding that covers unexpected claim expenses. Large corporate employers usually have financial reserves to handle any amount of health care expenses. With smaller companies that opt for self funded benefit plans they can utilize stop loss insurance to cover costs that go beyond a specific dollar amount. This insurance is commonly obtained by employers in order to avoid any disruption in the financial integrity of their self funded plan.

Self funded programs offer a way for a company to tailor their health care options to match their employee’s needs and offer cost savings. This is usually set up with the assistance of a third party administrator. Having this type of insurance program also helps to attract and retain quality employees. Having customized wellness programs that address your employees’ needs helps reduce absenteeism, cuts down on worker’s compensation and disability costs, boosts employee morale and even improves recruiting. If a company is seen as caring about their employee’s health and well being, it’s viewed as a good place to work.

These insurance programs are attractive to current and future employees because they have options through plan customization. It has been widely believed that large corporations were the only ones that could offer self funded insurance plans, but many smaller firms are now adopting this trend. These companies want to be able to compete in the large markets. Although they may need to make more cost conscious decisions when setting up their plans, they still follow the design of adhering to options that are needed by their employees without incurring excess expenses. As time passes and more companies, both large and small, opt for self funding insurance plans, this may become mainstream.

Having an administrator is an important part of setting up your self-funded plan. This third party company will help your firm select the best insurance plan, process claims for your employee benefits, contract for PPO services, collect premiums and take care of other operational responsibilities that come with managing your company’s healthcare program.

Montgomery and Graham can offer planning and administrative services for Oregon and Washington employers looking for better health care options. They have been successfully servicing the employee benefit needs of small, medium, and large sized business in the Northwest for over 20 years. Visit MG Benefits today to find out how you can master tomorrow.

4 Money-Saving Employee Benefits


The right benefits can save your company money and help keep your people happy.

Saving money is great. So is having happy employees.

How about both? Adding a few new benefits to your company’s repertoire can make your business more attractive to prospective employees, help you retain the employees you want to keep and give you an edge against the competition. There may also be money-saving opportunities for both your business and your personal finances.

Here are four ways to make your company’s benefits program stand out against corporate rivals.

  1. Direct deposit
  2. Offer a 529 plan.
  3. Make retirement savings easier.
  4. Day-care options.

Read all about each of the four ways more here

4 signs Wellness Programs are here to stay


Wellness programs aren’t just a fad that employers and insurers are temporarily implementing; they’re here to stay, according to a recent survey from Optum Resource Center.

  1. Continued commitment to employees’ health

Employers continue to demonstrate that keeping their employees healthy is an important goal. About 50 percent of the survey respondents said wellness programs are somewhat important to their overall benefits, while 37 percent said they’re very important.

  1. Increased investment in programs

What’s more, companies of all sizes are increasing their investment in wellness programs despite the uncertain economy. More than 20 percent of employers in 2013 raised the amount of money they spent on these programs.

  1. Multiple programs are available

Not only are companies incorporating wellness programs into their health plans, they’re offering several choices. The survey found that employers of all sizes on average provide eight programs, while larger companies offer nine program options.

  1. Amount of incentives increase

Employers’ wellness programs also include larger incentives to motivate employees to participate and reach certain health goals. That’s likely because effective wellness programs offer real, tangible awards when goals are reached.

9k in Sponsorships to Help Homeless

Portland employee wellness and wellbeing

Montgomery and Graham, Inc., an insurance planning firm based in Lake Oswego Oregon, are just as passionate about doing well in the communities in which they serve as they are about employee benefits. And they decided to work with WeThinkItMatters Inc. on their web development and a branding campaign, a smart business choice that made $9,000 in sponsorships available to local charities helping the homeless of the Pacific Northwest. Montgomery & Graham are looking for organizations with which they can partner in helping the homeless, and all non-profit organizations that work with the homeless in Oregon and Washington are encouraged to apply for one of the eighteen available sponsorships.

WeThinkItMatters Inc. is offering eighteen sponsorships, each in the amount of $500, to help homeless children and families in the area. And look forward to learning of and sharing the creativity various organizations will use in deciding how to spend their respective sponsorship funds and the good that can be brought forth in the community with this opportunity. More information about the program can be found at that site WeThinkItMattersInc.com.

If you or someone you know works for a non-profit organization to help homeless children and families in Oregon and Washington, you are encouraged to apply for one of these eighteen sponsorships by filling out the online application. You will be asked to provide basic contact information for yourself and your organization, as well as your mission and vision statements.

Montgomery& Graham employees are known for engaging in activities that promote goodwill in their communities and serve those around them. Company service projects have included holding company wide blood drives, sponsoring an anonymous Secret Santa Christmas giving program for needy families in their communities, and even holding pet food drives to donate to local animal shelters. Montgomery & Graham Inc. has made it abundantly clear that giving back to their community is extremely important to them.

In addition to working extensively to the betterment of their communities, M&G are known for their excellent customer service and commitment to constant client care, which contributes to overall company wellness. They set the bar for excellence in customer service in their industry, and that service has distinguished them throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Montgomery and Graham, Inc. was founded in 1997 and have spent over fifteen years helping their clients in Oregon and Washington create personalized, individualized employee benefits packages, including innovative options like self-funding and HSAs. They focus on providing the care that their clients need by bringing them state of the art healthcare matched with numerous client rewards, additional valuable services, and impressive business strategy. Montgomery & Graham are there for their clients at every step of the way—they will help to understand their client firms, discover exactly what it is that they need, and create the employee benefits package that is just right for them and their needs. Even after creating the ideal benefits package, they help their clients with every step of implementation and execution, providing continual support for overall company wellbeing.

By choosing to work with WeThinkItMatters Inc., Montgomery & Graham are demonstrating that they are committed to doing good things not only within their business transactions but within their communities as well. Creating $9,000 in sponsorships for non-profit organizations that are helping the homeless children and families of Oregon and Washington, and if your one please apply. And if you know one please share the application and news!